About Us

We would like to tell about us to all the new visitors to our information website. Who are we? What is our mission? How exactly can we help you? You will find answers to all these questions on this page. If you have more questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Our informative website with useful features was created in 2019. First of all, our mission is to inform people of modern methods of erectile dysfunction treatment. Our team consists of specialists in various fields, including medical doctors. That is why we especially carefully edit any information related to men’s health. We hope our articles will help you choose the right medicine and pick up the best fitting individual dosage. Due to this, you will be able to use erection improving drugs with maximum efficiency and safety.

We care about your health!

Speaking about us, one should mention the second important task of our team. We give you the opportunity to use modern methods of treating impotence without overpaying. Thanks to the reasonable prices set by our partners, literally everyone can afford the best medicines for erectile dysfunction. Moreover, by agreement with sellers, we generate discount coupon codes for our website visitors. By applying the coupon at the moment of purchase, you can get an extra discount on one of the most popular erectile dysfunction drugs.

What do we and our partners offer?

As stated above, our website provides information on erectile dysfunction treatment methods and offers additional discounts when purchasing such medicines from online pharmacies. We select partners carefully. According to our high standards, they must meet a number of requirements. In particular, partner internet drugstores should have long-term experience and an excellent reputation. In addition, we require them to have a wide range of quality medications for men at reasonable prices. We also pay attention to payment methods available, means of shipment and speed of delivery, as well as the ability to provide an additional discount using our coupon code.

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What products do our partners sell?

The online stores selected by our team offer a wide range of medicines, including those to cure erectile dysfunction. Most of the drugs presented on the partner websites are generic medications of the highest quality. They do not differ from the original drugs, except for a lower price. All medicines are made in accordance with original formulas and under strict quality control. The sellers guarantee that they have all the necessary licenses and certificates.

How to choose the right drug and dosage?

On the pages of our site you will find all the information about the most popular drugs against impotence. Our articles explain how various pills differ from each other, how to choose an individual dose, and how to take the medication correctly. In addition, here you will learn about contraindications, possible side effects and other important details of the use of Viagra and other similar medicines. Our partners guarantee the highest quality and total safety of each product. So, the success of the treatment depends only on you. Before you start taking pills, read the instructions, and then follow them strictly.

About us: The main principles of our team and partner sites

In this section, we will tell you in more detail what conditions we and our partners are ready to provide to website visitors and potential customers.

We value your safety

In order to ensure your security, including the safety of personal data and financial information, we and our partners use ultramodern encryption. All personal data, including email, phone number, shipping address, name, billing information, and so on, is completely protected. It can never be transferred to third parties under no circumstances.

Our partners guarantee high quality generics

The so-called generics, or brand-name drug equivalents, are produced according to the original formula and based on the same active ingredients. Thus, such analogues are absolutely identical to the originals. At the same time, generics do not require additional research (manufacturers use already conducted tests for the production) and a patent, due to which they cost much less. Our partners guarantee the highest quality of all the products available.

Together with partners, we guarantee favorable prices for everything

In addition to offering lower cost equivalents, we provide other financial benefits. Particularly, we select only pharmacies that sell popular and effective medicines at the most favorable prices. Moreover, these online drugstores give an additional opportunity to save money. For example, when you buy larger packs of drugs, you pay much less for each pill. Finally, our coupon code gives you the opportunity to order tablets you need with an additional discount. Thus, you can save even more.

We give the opportunity to purchase medicines without a prescription

Our partners give you an excellent opportunity to purchase even potent prescription drugs without a medical recipe from your doctor or other specialists. In some cases, an online pharmacy team member can write you a virtual prescription. We are well aware that not every man can afford spending time and money on visiting doctors. Fortunately, anyone can buy the necessary drugs without a medical prescription from our partners.

Our partners guarantee hassle-free payment and delivery

We select pharmacies that offer various payment methods and provide a choice of delivery means. Furthermore, they guarantee delivery of your pills in time (with the exception of force majeure such as global pandemics or intervention of customs). As a rule, a customer can choose slower but cheaper shipping, or express shipping, which is more expensive. On average, delivery takes about three weeks.

Also, we would like to note that delivery of packages from our website partner shops guarantees you complete anonymity. There’s no any indication of what is inside on the envelope. The name and address correspond to those you indicate at the time of placing an order.

Stay tuned, and get your free coupon code for the purchase of Viagra and analogues!