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Is it possible to have an intimate life in old age?

When a person is young and full of strength and vital energy, we build a stereotype in our minds that intimate relationships are possible only in the first, more active, half of life, namely, before old age. However, this is a big misconception. Who said that the way to the world of sex and physical intimacy is closed to elderly people?

Over time, a person begins to realize that the need for sex and intimacy accompanies him throughout his life, regardless of age, social and psychological influences. And, if, in youth, the potential overcomes desires, and the obvious is taken for granted, then in old age, both an overabundance and a lack of regular sexual relations between two already elderly people are acutely felt.

Intimate life in old age: sex and sexuality

In women, the transitional boundary between youth and old age is conventionally considered the period of menopause. Menopause, associated with a decrease in childbearing function. Is perceived by the female body to some extent unexpectedly – sexual attraction increases. Thus, for several months, a woman aged 50 and over feels the sharp urges of sexual desire and becomes more sexually active. Harmony is achieved if a man of the same age or a few years older than a woman and stays at this time, as they say, in the full bloom of “male” power.

A man who is significantly older than a woman cannot always satisfy such a spontaneous desire for sex. Although sexologists have noted that the stereotype of the extinct sexual function of a man after 65 years is easily refuted. There are a great many examples of this, among them recently there are often cases when an 80-year-old man became a dad. Today it is no longer a unique case, but touching love stories in old age.

intimate life in old age

Male attraction due to the physiological characteristics of the body is limited with age, however, does not disappear completely. Moreover, the ability to reproduce offspring is preserved on average by the age of 75-80. The explanation for this is the release of the hormone testosterone, the lack of which in old age is compensated by the function of the adrenal cortex. Therefore, it should be said that “male” problems often arise due to psychological problems: unwillingness to succumb to the pleasures of love on the part of the wife, stereotypes about the inexpediency of sexual life in old age, excessive caution and tension during sexual contact, and much more. Each case is unique in its own way, therefore, if a physically healthy man has problems with an erection that has not been observed before, the first thing to do is to talk without hesitation on this topic with a partner. You need to figure out your intentions, dispel doubts and fears, and not buy Viagra. Besides, without a doctor’s prescription.

Wise, healthy and sexy

At any age, sexuality is put first in dating, communication and sexual relations. And the elderly are no exception. Another thing is that with age, the definition of sexuality becomes a habit for a person, so he often does not realize this, rewarding his partner with love and physical intimacy. Therefore, it is so important for each of us at any age to monitor our appearance, attracting admiring glances of the opposite sex. A network of wrinkles will give a woman wisdom, greatness and openness, and a man – seriousness, firmness and balance.

In order to maintain health and a beautiful body, it is necessary to play sports from a young age, lead a healthy lifestyle, do not drink alcohol, relax in the fresh air more often and just enjoy life. This will guarantee not only health and longevity, but also pave the way to a full sexual life at a more mature age.

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