Erectile Dysfunction

Prevention of impotence healthy lifestyle without bad habits

Prevention of impotence should start as early as possible. Gradually, step by step, the whole life of a man changes, success awaits him not only in bed, but also in all other areas, because at any age he feels healthy, full of energy, ready for new things and achievements.

Prevention of impotence: actively moving

Physical activity is the prevention of impotence in men and what is very lacking in the lives of our contemporaries. It must be feasible. You can’t go from a sedentary office worker to a Superman right away. The build-up of loads should be steady and constant.

For the prevention of impotence, long walks or Cycling in the fresh air, swimming, outdoor games (football, volleyball), etc. are suitable. The movement should replace guys and middle-aged men with pills to increase potency. If you regularly exercise, you will not need medication in old age. But it is better to exclude weight lifting.

There are also special exercises for the prevention of impotence, for example, Kegel exercises aimed at strengthening the pelvic floor and perineal muscles. The pubic-coccygeal muscle supports the pelvic organs in the correct position, not allowing them to fall. The main nerves and blood vessels pass through this muscle to the genitals, which is why it is so important to strengthen it.

Prevention of impotence

To find and feel this muscle, you need to stop the process of urination – this will make the LC muscle. Feel its tension and remember this feeling – it will be useful during the exercise. By the way, before you start training, do not forget to empty your bladder.

There are only a few basic exercises, but there are many variations based on them:

  • Proper reduction and relaxation of the LCM. In the supine position, strain the muscle as much as possible, and then slowly relax it for 4 to 5 seconds. First repeat 10 times, then you can increase the number of approaches.
  • Endurance exercise. Position, too. Mark the time, strain the LMB and stay in this position for as long as possible. With regular execution, the time will increase.
  • Exercise for full coverage of LCM. Position, too. Slow build-up of tension for 5 seconds and the same slow relaxation. Do it 10 times for the first time, and then build up the approaches.
  • Fast achievement of maximum LCM tone. 10 times as quickly as possible, tighten and relax the muscle – the faster and more intense both links, the better.

These exercises are prevention of erectile dysfunction, but you should not do them with consistently high blood pressure, frequent attacks of angina and in the postoperative period. First you need to put your health in order under the supervision of a doctor, and then deal with the prevention of impotence.

Regular sexual life

Prevention of impotence in men must include regular sexual contact. This is necessary to prevent stagnation in the prostate gland, which is very important. Age norms of sexual contacts are very individual.

At a young age, this is from several times a week to several times a day, in middle age, the need decreases and after 50-55 years, it can be 1-3 times a week. Potency may well persist after 70 years, it all depends not on age, but on the state of health of a man.

To prevent impotence, it is also desirable to have a permanent verified partner, because one of the most common causes of impotence at a young age is sexual infections.

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