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In ancient mythology, Priapus is the god of fertility and reproduction. He had a huge, permanently erect penis. In real life, a non-falling erection is something terrible. Priapism can occur as a result of an erection without sexual arousal. Blood gets into the penis and cannot escape from it. Blood retention is accompanied by moderate and sometimes severe pain. Every man knows that pain can stop the strongest erection. However, this does not apply to priapism.

An erection should be understood as filling with blood, swelling of the cavernous bodies. As the volume of blood entering the cavernous bodies increases, the response pressure of the outer shell of the penis also increases. The pressure inside the penis reaches enormous values. Blood retention in the cavernous bodies in the future can cause a chronic inability to erect. The appearance of a blood clot can lead to the development of scar tissue from it. As a result, the outflow of blood becomes even more difficult, and the pressure increases. In the early stages, priapism can be treated with medications or with the help of physiotherapy. Otherwise, there is a need for surgical intervention in order to facilitate the outflow of blood and reduce pressure. This reduces pain, reduces the risk of tissue necrosis and chronic impotence.

Why does priapism appear?

Sometimes priapism appears against the background of leukemia, anemia or damage to the spinal nerves. There is an assumption that priapism may develop as a result of excessive stimulation of the penis, although this has not been proven. Men who love “cool” sex should beware of damage to the penis, entailing hemorrhages and other injuries.

about priapism

Sometimes priapism develops for no apparent reason. Although priapism can be attributed to rare diseases, nevertheless it occurs in reality. If you feel pain and detumescence does not occur within the usual time, contact your doctor immediately. The earlier you start treatment, the lower the risk of erectile dysfunction in the future. Some men have a slow erection. After ejaculation, the penis can remain in a state of arousal for more than 20 minutes. Priapism is accompanied by pain and lack of sexual desire. A natural delay in detumescence does not mean a lack of satisfaction. In this state, a man often seeks to continue sexual intercourse, because he got pleasure during it, and the erection is still going on. This condition stops spontaneously. The outflow of blood occurs freely and without pain.

Prolonged erection

Priapism and detumescence are completely different phenomena. A prolonged erection should not cause concern. Note the duration of the erection. At the same time, it is necessary to exclude the influence of such factors that hinder erection, such as alcohol, fatigue, and the like. If the erection is really delayed, consult a doctor and make sure that everything is fine with you. Prolonged erection can be a symptom of circulatory disorders, which progresses over time. As with other health-related issues, the best thing that can be done is to conduct preventive examinations.

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