Erectile Dysfunction

The effect of stress on male potency

An erection can go away under the influence of prolonged stress. How much stress affects male potency. Most men who are faced with such a problem experience a strong emotional shock, thereby aggravating the situation even more. Psychological experiences are added to the physical problem. Every sexual act is accompanied by a fear of failure.

When it’s not worth it because of nerves, you need to calm down first, figure out the reasons, and only then start treatment. This article will help you with the analysis of the problem.

How does the problem appear?

Any stressful situation seems to tell the body that it’s time to mobilize its forces to fight an invisible enemy. In case of danger, the body turns off unnecessary functions, adapts to conditions that shock the nerves – turns on protection. Protection to survive.

We know that safety is the basic need of the body, and until it is satisfied, other needs are out of the question. So, being in a state of stress, the body is able to close only the basis, forgetting about the pleasure, the restoration of the resource.

Failures in sex at the same time should not be regarded as something strange, incurable. It’s just that your body is trying to hint to you in this way that it is on the verge, and it needs help. The loss of libido and erection can be affected by somatic disorders in the body – organic or psychological.

Causes (physiological and mental) with male potency

We have already found out that the sexual function of the body is considered additional, not basic. She regularly “works” only when a man feels well-rested, well-fed and safe. In stressful situations, the body thinks only about survival – sex is out of the question.

How stress affects potency: consider the causes of erectile dysfunction in more detail.

The physiological ones include:

  • hormonal disorders;
  • infectious diseases;
  • excessive use of alcohol or narcotic substances, smoking;
  • exhausting physical activity;
  • diseases of the cardiovascular, genitourinary, and endocrine systems;
  • physiological changes of the body associated with age;
  • deformity of tissues or internal organs due to psychosomatics or prolonged medication;
  • overweight;
  • unstable blood pressure;
  • malignant tumors;
  • full transition to “protein” nutrition;
  • constant inhalation of harmful, heavy vapors (in any production).

Problematic potency and stress may be associated with a mental disorder. These include:

  • low self-esteem, high level of anxiety;
  • excessive anxiety, dissatisfaction with the quality of your life;
  • emotional burnout, low working capacity, changes in the structure of the psyche under the influence of the sphere of professional development;
  • financial crisis, fear of dismissal and unemployment;
  • frequent and prolonged aggression;
  • untreated psychological trauma;
  • problems in interaction with children, spouse, friends or colleagues;
  • age crisis.

How does libido decrease after stress?

It’s not worth it after stress – it’s not always about the complete loss of an erection. Sometimes sensitivity may simply decrease, ejaculation may be lost or the desire to have sex disappears.

Sexual attraction can decrease with different intensity – from loss of arousal to unwillingness of all kinds of tactile contacts involving sexual intimacy. This may be affected by a traumatic relationship experience or a violation of certain connections in the brain. In this case, sexual desire is transformed, a person begins to be excited by inanimate objects, animals. This also includes a complete lack of attraction to a person, an obsessive desire to increase your sexual organ.

Even a one-time loss of an erection can lead to serious psychological consequences. With an unsuccessful sexual experience, as a rule, a lot of negative feelings and emotions appear, which develop into a psychological block. With each sexual contact, he reveals himself “in full”.

How to eliminate the effect of stress on potency?

If stress causes problems with male potency, then you need to consult a doctor, undergo a full examination, and treat the underlying disease.

In case of stress, negative life experience, the recommendations given below will help. As a rule, they are aimed at restoring physiological health.

It is important to remember that psychological and organic causes most often “attack” the male body together. Therefore, tips for restoring health should be included in life as early as possible.

Male potency and physical activity

Health problems, stress and erectile dysfunction are interrelated with each other. The path to a healthy body begins with reasonable (not excessive) physical activity. In no case, do not exhaust yourself with exhausting workouts. Choose comfortable activities for yourself – it can be dancing, swimming, jogging or walking.

Along with the activity, the body will begin to feel slightly tired, the intensity of the brain will increase, the emotional state will improve. Physical activity will also benefit the cardiovascular system: blood circulation will normalize, excess weight will go away.

Removing clips in the body

The answer to the question “does stress affect a man’s erection?” the answer is a strict yes. Prolonged stress leads to the formation of a muscle carapace. Its tightness depends on the time during which the body is in nervous tension. Observe the body, scanning it from the top of your head to the tips of your fingers, and you will definitely find the place where your stress “lives”, and maybe you will notice its cause.

It is recommended to start with meditations, gradually switching to other relaxing techniques – autogenic training according to Schultz or progressive muscle relaxation according to Jacobson.

Male potency massages

Male potency after stress is often accompanied by tension in the body, which can only be relieved by a chiropractor or masseur. Give yourself time to complete a massage course – 10 sessions will be enough. Your body will calm down and relax, the tension will go away, and the tone will return to the muscles. It is even better to repeat such a course of treatment once every three months. Then the body will “get used” to living in a relaxed mode, and will not react to stress with clamps.

Aromatherapy and water treatments

Sauna, steam room, aromatherapy, swimming, soothing baths literally work wonders, restore internal balance. Stress goes away, the body is cleansed and is on the mend.

Allow yourself such relaxation at least once a week – on a day off. Fill the bath with warm water, light candles with aromatic oils, turn on relaxing music, and allow yourself to relax, enjoy the moment of unity with yourself. Nervous overstrain will not come into your life, there will be no need to find an answer to the question whether stress affects potency

Healthy sleep for male potency

If the body does not have time to recover overnight, then stress only increases and becomes fixed. The first thing to do when you are not stressed is to give your body more time to rest. As normal sleep is restored, it will become easier to restore the rest of the body’s functions.

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Proper nutrition

Food is the basis, the foundation of our body. Therefore, it is important to exclude everything harmful from the daily diet, and leave only the useful. Or at least make sure that there are more healthy foods in the diet.

The body needs nutrients – vitamins and trace elements. Eat foods with a large amount of organic zinc (seafood, fish, pumpkin seeds, lean meat, cheese, egg yolk, nuts, cocoa and legumes).

Work on the cause of stress

Stress and potency come into our lives because of fears (more often financial and work-related). Think about their reasons – what could have provoked them. Work out psychological blocks with a specialist. Somatic symptoms (headaches, poor sleep, eating habits) will go away if you properly reduce the severity of feelings about a traumatic situation that occurred in the past. 

Sometimes you just need to switch your attention to something else, distract yourself, and the sexual function will recover by itself. Do not forget that the intimate sphere does not like close attention to itself from the side of consciousness.

Switch to your hobby, watch an interesting movie, reread your favorite book, or just go for a walk. Any psychological distraction can play into the hands of the mental state.

But if the reasons for weak potency lie deeper, it is better to consult with a psychotherapist or participate in a training (preferably with feedback). It is also recommended to include in your regime the tips that we have discussed above – each of them will easily restore the body’s resources.

And remember: the effect of stress on potency is quite strong. Sexual problems need to be solved comprehensively: regularly undergo examinations, take tests, receive therapy, and in case of psychological failures – do not neglect the help of a psychologist.

Remember that if you have problems with potency, not only viagra or cialis are its solution, carefully read the article again and act, perhaps you will never need Viagra again!

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