Erectile Dysfunction

Treatment of low potency

Impotence – a disease common among men aged 35 years and older, in which there is a weakening of the erection or it is completely absent, as a result of which a full intimate life is impossible.

Deterioration of potency can occur after taking alcohol, medications, as well as in connection with mood swings and other important factors. However, this problem is not always solved by itself. Quite often, men do not attach serious importance to the first alarm “bells”, which are signs of impotence.

USEFUL to KNOW: according to doctors, in 85% of cases, impotence is the result of another disease, most often-diabetes, urological infections, as well as diseases of the thyroid gland and nervous system.

The reasons for a weak erection can also be the following factors:

  • Failures in the cardiovascular system
  • Stress and mental disorders
  • Chronic diseases of the liver, kidneys and other internal organs
  • High cholesterol
  • Overweight men
  • Excessive sports loads
  • Injuries of various types

Thus, depending on the causes of impotence is divided into psychological and physical. Having identified the type of problem, you can start solving it. If the decrease in libido is associated with life troubles, nervousness in the family and at work, it is not necessary to contact a specialist. It is enough to analyze the situation, calm down and have a good rest. And in advanced cases, when you can not get rid of intimate problems yourself, you can take a course of psychotherapy.

With physical impotence, the symptoms begin to appear gradually, but even after a while there is no improvement, rather, the situation worsens. The first factor that confirms the presence of erectile dysfunction in men is the constant absence of a morning erection.

Absence of a morning erection

It is USEFUL to KNOW: no one is immune from impotence, but men suffering from heart, genitourinary and circulatory diseases, as well as athletes who have received injuries to the genitals, are the first to fall into the risk group.

Methods for the treatment of weak potency

It is quite possible to cure impotence, the main thing is to detect the cause and eliminate it in a timely manner. Modern medicine offers various innovative methods to restore a stable erection in men, here are some of them:

1. Medical treatment. Correctly selected medications give a positive effect at the end of the course of administration in 80% of cases. The method is quite common, but each drug has certain contraindications that are important to know before starting treatment.

2. Injections that are carried out in the penis before sexual intercourse. One of the most common methods today.

3. Surgery. It is effective if impotence is caused by a weak flow of arterial blood to the tissues of the penis, and traditional treatment has not had the proper effect.

4. Psychotherapy-is aimed at opening a conversation with a patient who, after unsuccessful attempts to have sex, experienced severe stress that led to physical impotence.

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5. Traditional medicine. Here, the choice of tools and methods is diverse and depends on your preferences. All kinds of tinctures and decoctions can not only increase the level of libido,but also improve the entire body. The main rule in the treatment of folk remedies – regularity.

A urologist, andrologist, or sexologist can help you solve the problem, prescribe a diagnosis, and then treat it.

Preventive action

Smoking is one of the harmful habits that negatively affects the male libido. American scientists have proven that by giving up cigarettes, you will prolong your “sexual youth” for at least 3 years! The same applies to excessive alcohol consumption, which impairs blood circulation, as a result of which a normal erection is simply impossible. Instead, it is recommended to make it a rule to carry out light exercises daily and arrange Hiking.

Do not forget to monitor your weight, because in men with overweight, the production of testosterone, which is responsible for sexual desire, worsens. Also remember to eat a balanced diet: more fresh vegetables, fruits, lean meat, nuts, and honey.

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